Update on Glendale, AZ Shooting

Update on Glendale, AZ Shooting
22 May 2020 GIFCT
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The GIFCT has now concluded its Content Incident Protocol (CIP), which was activated following Wednesday’s shooting in Glendale, AZ.

To improve operations and provide transparency, the GIFCT is issuing the following summary of actions related to this incident.

At 9:00 PM PT on Wednesday, May 20, 2020, the GIFCT initiated a CIP and completed the following steps:

  • Alerted all GIFCT members that an active CIP was underway
  • Uploaded hashes of the perpetrator’s video, its derivatives, and other related content to the GIFCT hash database, with a dedicated label to enable quick identification and action by GIFCT member companies
  • Alerted the United States government and GIFCT collaborators that an active CIP was underway
  • Provided one Situational Awareness Update to stakeholders as to the number of visually distinct videos and attendant number of hashes added to the industry hash-sharing database at a point in time and as a direct result of this CIP

Simultaneously, individual GIFCT companies engaged in platform-specific monitoring and enforcement operations.

As of the conclusion of the Glendale CIP, 198 visually distinct videos, reflected in a total of just under 1,200 hashes, have been added to the industry hash-sharing database. Additional copies of the video surfaced by GIFCT member platforms will continue to be hashed and uploaded to the shared industry database.

The GIFCT formally concluded the Glendale CIP at 9:34 PM PT on May 21, 2020, following a noticeable reduction in attempted uploads of violating content on member platforms. GIFCT member companies have returned to “business as usual” / standard operating procedure to address remaining content.


The GIFCT’s Content Incident declared in relation to Wednesday’s shooting in Glendale, AZ, remains active.

As of 11:30 AM PT on Thursday, May 21, a total of 153 visually distinct videos from the real-world event, reflected in a total of just over 950 hashes, had been added to the industry hash-sharing database.

The pace of new uploads has slowed, but is not yet at a point where the GIFCT is comfortable concluding the current CIP.