Global Summit 2022

The Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism (GIFCT) looks forward to convening its annual Global Summit — hosted by its 2022 Operating Board Chair, YouTube — bringing together its 18 member companies and Independent Advisory Committee with partners and global stakeholders. Stay tuned as GIFCT presents the latest progress on delivering critical resources and technical solutions to our dedicated technology company members and sets the stage for the year ahead.

Definitions and Principles Framework

This project aims to provides guidance, key principles, and the latest research for tech companies to use as they develop and enforce their policies that define and prohibit terrorist and violent extremist activity on their platforms amidst a fast-moving and adversarial threat landscape.

2022 Working Group Output

GIFCT Working Groups bring together experts from diverse stakeholder groups, geographies and disciplines to offer advice in specific thematic areas and deliver on targeted, substantive projects.

GIFCT Global Summit Agenda

July 26, 2022

All times are PDT, the local time zone where the Summit will take place in California

GIFCT Global Summit 2022 Videos

Global Summit 2022 Opening Remarks

1: Threat Landscape

2: Incident Response

3: Understanding Factors for Radicalization

4: Countering Terrorism Online