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    Working Groups

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    Academic and Practical Research

    Exploring innovative multi-sector research collaborations and developing baseline best practices for conducting, funding, and supporting research addressing the nexus of technology and violent extremism

    Content-Sharing Algorithms, Processes, and Positive Interventions

    Collaborating across industry, government, and civil society to map content-sharing algorithms and processes to identify positive interventions and risk mitigation opportunities, while countering the consumption of specific content that could increase user interest in or amplify terrorist and violent extremism

    Crisis Response

    Collaborating across industry, government, and first-responders to minimize the spread of terrorist or violent extremist content online stemming from a real-world event

    Legal Frameworks

    Considering existing legal frameworks and identifying challenges and opportunities involved in sharing of information and data related to the moderation of terrorist and violent extremist content online while ensuring privacy, innovation, and empowering all stakeholders (governments, civil society organizations, and tech companies)

    Technical Approaches

    Evaluating gaps between the technical requirements of smaller tech and availability of solutions in order to inform the overall strategy of the Working Group; supporting the development and adoption of technological solutions to prevent and disrupt the spread of terrorist content online; assessing ethical and human rights concerns associated with various technical approaches


    Developing best practices and easy access to resources that facilitate greater transparency from all relevant stakeholders while respecting privacy and human rights