• Apr222024

    Insight: Human Rights-Based Approaches to Preventing Terrorists and Violent Extremists from Exploiting Digital Platforms

    GIFCT worked with BSR to convene an expert discussion on practical…

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  • Feb282024

    Insight: Horizon Scanning: The Future of Counterspeech and Positive Interventions

    The following is an Insight from GIFCT’s Membership…

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  • Jun292023

    Insight: Borderline Content: Understanding the Gray Zone

    This Insight provides an Executive Summary of the findings…

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  • Mar292023

    Insight: Advances in Hashing for Counterterrorism

    The following is a staff insight from GIFCT’s Director of Technology…

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  • Feb022022

    Insight: House Homeland Security Committee Hearing Testimony

    The following is the written testimony of GIFCT Executive Director Nicholas Rasmussen delivered to the U.S. House of Representatives Committee…

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  • Sep112021

    Insight: Adopting a Whole-of-Society Approach to Terrorism and Counterterrorism

    The following is an Insight from GIFCT’s Executive Director, Nicholas Rasmussen. It was originally published on Lawfare on September 10,…

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  • Jul122021

    Insight: Challenges in Combating Terrorism and Extremism Online

    This Insight is written by Erin Saltman and was originally published on Lawfare on Sunday, July 11, 2021. Online terrorism…

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