News: GIFCT, Meta, and Tech Against Terrorism Host South East Asia Regional Workshop in Singapore

News: GIFCT, Meta, and Tech Against Terrorism Host South East Asia Regional Workshop in Singapore
18 May 2023 GIFCT
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This week, GIFCT in partnership with Meta and Tech Against Terrorism (TAT) convened a regional workshop in Singapore focused on the South East Asia threat landscape and its nexus to online activity. 

This event brought together more than 110 experts and practitioners from tech, government and civil society in person, and more than 50 additional attendees joining virtually. This was GIFCT’s and TAT’s 16th regional workshop since GIFCT’s founding in 2017.

Over the course of the workshop, online and in-person attendees engaged in panel discussions exploring current regional trends in terrorist and violent extremist behavior online, as well as cross-platform technical solutions to prevent the exploitation of internet platforms by terrorists and violent extremists. Panelists from academia and regional civil society organizations also delved into initiatives and programming to counter and prevent violent extremism within South East Asia communities.

To close out these panel discussions, attendees were invited to participate in one of two in-person breakout sessions. The first examined how to apply definitions of terrorism and violent extremism in practice, and the second explored how GIFCT and Tech Against Terrorism approach mentoring tech companies in their efforts to join GIFCT and fulfill our membership criteria

Regional workshops have been an essential and effective part of GIFCT’s Learn efforts since the establishment of GIFCT in 2017. With the goal of meaningfully engaging experts and practitioners from different parts of the world, workshops contribute to knowledge sharing about the specific threats of terrorism and violent extremism in the region and their connections to online activity and trends. 

We are deeply grateful to our host and 2023 Operating Board Chair, Meta, and our partners for convening this important and informative workshop and their commitment to supporting our mission to prevent terrorists and violent extremists from exploiting digital platforms. GIFCT Learn and our regional workshops recognize that this mission must start with voices and perspectives from a range of sectors and world regions, and a shared understanding of the problems we seek to counter.

About GIFCT Workshops #GIFCTLearn

Since its founding in 2017, GIFCT and its partner Tech Against Terrorism have hosted a total of 16 GIFCT Workshops around the world, providing a more formally structured opportunity for tech companies and committed stakeholders to share counterterrorism strategies and knowledge. GIFCT Workshops bring together tech platforms with policy makers, law enforcement, civil society, academic experts, and practitioners to share experiences, best practices, and models for cross-sector collaboration. To date, these workshops have engaged more than 143 tech companies, 80 NGOs, and 23 government bodies taking place across the globe including:

  • Sydney, Australia 
  • Brussels, Belgium 
  • Ottawa, Canada
  • Paris, France 
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Accra, Ghana 
  • Delhi, India 
  • Jakarta, Indonesia 
  • Tel Aviv, Israel 
  • Amman, Jordan 
  • Singapore
  • Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 
  • California, USA (x2) 
  • New York, USA 
  • London, United Kingdom