Launching an updated version of Jihadology to limit terrorist exploitation of the site

Launching an updated version of Jihadology to limit terrorist exploitation of the site
11 April 2019 GIFCT
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Today the academic website has been re-launched and updated so that particularly sensitive terrorist-related content is only accessible by users with registered academic/research, governmental, journalistic, or humanitarian email addresses. The purpose of this work, carried out by Tech Against Terrorism in coordination with Jihadology, is to ensure that individuals can still access important primary research material while ensuring that terrorists and individuals vulnerable to recruitment are prevented from viewing and downloading the most sensitive content. The update to the website was sponsored by the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism, to responsibly address the spread of terrorist content online.

Jihadology is highly regarded as the internet’s most comprehensive “clearinghouse for jihadiī primary source material and original analysis” and as such Jihadology is considered to be an essential resource for academia and terrorism researchers. Jihadology contains more than 13,000 articles. In total, this amounts to around 750 GB of video.

Tech Against Terrorism is an initiative launched by the United Nations Counter Terrorism Executive Directorate (UN CTED) in April 2017 and implemented by the UK-based NGO QuantSpark Foundation. They support the global technology sector in responding to terrorist use of the internet whilst respecting human rights, and work to promote public-private partnerships to mitigate this threat. This partnership between Tech Against Terrorism and Jihadology shows the value of providing technical support to smaller internet platforms like Jihadology who do not necessarily have the technical resources to make these changes on their own.

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