The vision of the GIFCT is to prevent terrorists and violent extremists from exploiting digital platforms.

The Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism brings together the technology industry, government, civil society, and academia to foster collaboration and information-sharing to counter terrorist and violent extremist activity online.

GIFCT’s strategic planning and programming centers on three pillars:



Delivering critical information and the capacity to prevent and disrupt terrorist and violent extremist activity online



Coordinating and continually strengthening the tech ecosystem’s response to the online impacts of terrorist or violent extremist incidents



Convening industry, experts, and civil society to understand emerging trends relating to technology, terrorism, and violent extremism

Research and Resources from our Core Partners
Global Network on Extremism & Technology

Recent insights, reports, and digests from our academic research arm

  • Jul 15 2024

    All the World’s a Stage: How Predictive Programming Crafts Far-Right X Users’ Worldview

    Introduction This Insight investigates how far-right X users construct their worldview around fictional media and...
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  • Jul 11 2024

    Methodologies in Manipulation: The Far-Right’s Antisemitic Discourse Online Amid the Israel-Hamas War

    Introduction Israel’s war on Hamas has been making headlines worldwide since it began on 7...
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  • Jul 09 2024

    The Hate Ministries: Far-Right Social Media Extremism in Argentina and Brazil

    Introduction In recent years in Argentina and Brazil, far-right governments have risen to power, represented...
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  • Jul 04 2024

    The Digital Weaponry of Radicalisation: AI and the Recruitment Nexus

    Introduction  Islamic State (IS) recently released a powerful recruitment message for ‘distracted Muslim youth’ to...
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Tech against Terrorism

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We look forward to welcoming you virtually to the #GIFCTForum2024 in just 6 days! Join us to discuss security trends and counter online extremism. ...Don't miss out - register now to attend virtually: 

#DigitalSafety #OnlineSecurity #GlobalCollab

Excited to join global leaders at the #GIFCT2024 Forum on June 27th! Tackling online extremism and promoting a safer digital world. Don't miss out, ...register now: 

#GIFCTForum2024 #DigitalSafety #OnlineSecurity #GlobalCollaboration

Wrapping up #TASMCONF 2024! @ErinSaltman and Scott Johnson impressed with expert talks on hash sharing databases and extremist content. Stay tuned ...for insights!

#TechSafety #CyberSecurity

Join us at the 2024 GIFCT Global Multistakeholder Forum and hear about the security and tech trends shaping online terrorist threats from industry ...leaders and experts.

Register now for the live stream or recorded sessions: #GIFCTForum24

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