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    GIFCT Launches Member Resource Guide

    GIFCT Launches Member Resource Guide
    19 April 2021 GIFCT
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    GIFCT Launches Member Resource Guide

    Today we are launching the GIFCT Member Resource Guide on our website to provide one place where tech companies, civil society groups, academic researchers, and governments can come to learn how GIFCT members counter terrorist and violent extremist activity, the tools they’ve developed to combat radicalization, and the best practices they offer to help people stay safe online. This page also includes key resources from our partners at the Global Network on Technology and Extremism and Tech Against Terrorism and serves as a guide to how each member fulfills their GIFCT membership criteria and supports GIFCT’s mission to prevent terrorists and violent extremist from exploiting digital platforms.

    While all tech companies who are members of GIFCT must have policies prohibiting terrorist and/or violent extremist activity, tools to report illicit activity and data transparency reports publicly available, each company presents these resources differently on their platforms. We’ve heard from a range of stakeholders that they want to be sure they know where to find this information to stay informed on the important work each company is doing and how they too can use the tools these companies offer. We will update this guide as each of our members and partners continue their work and as we continue to grow and diversify the members we welcome to GIFCT.

    Click here to explore the Member Resource Guide –