GIFCT hosts 2020 MSF

GIFCT hosts 2020 MSF
23 July 2020 GIFCT
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The 2020 Multi-stakeholder Forum included a wide range of companies, civil society members and governments who are committed to upholding and respecting human rights and preventing terrorists from exploiting digital platforms. The annual Multi-stakeholder Forum serves as the primary vehicle for information-sharing and ideas-exchange in helping guide GIFCT activities and engagement across its three strategic pillars: Prevent, Respond, and Learn. Throughout the year following the MSF, participants will have the opportunity to join regular conference calls for updates and receive GIFCT’s bi-annual transparency reports. Forum members will also be invited to attend GIFCT workshops across the globe, e-learning sessions and the GIFCT annual summit for more in-depth dialogue and insight into priority-setting.

Recordings of the two-part Multi-stakeholder Forum can be found at the below:

Click Here to Watch Part 1 Click Here to Watch Part 2