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    The vision of the GIFCT is to prevent terrorists and violent extremists from exploiting digital platforms.

    The Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism brings together the technology industry, government, civil society, and academia to foster collaboration and information-sharing to counter terrorist and violent extremist activity online.

    GIFCT’s strategic planning and programming centers on three pillars:



    Equipping digital platforms and civil society groups with awareness, knowledge, and tools to develop sustainable programs to disrupt terrorist and violent extremist activity online



    Bringing together key stakeholders to mitigate the impact of a terrorist or violent extremist attack



    Supporting cutting-edge, practical research efforts at the intersection of extremism and technology

    Research and Resources from our Core Partners
    Global Network on Extremism & Technology

    Recent insights, reports, and digests from our academic research arm

    • Sep 21 2021

      The Potential Effects of COVID-19 on Radicalisation to Violent Extremism

      On 11 March 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the newly discovered coronavirus disease...
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    • Sep 08 2021

      Conspiracism, Extremism and the Battle Over Sacred Values

      On 24 July 2021 in Australia, against the backdrop of a city and state sinking...
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    Tech against Terrorism

    Latest news from our mentorship and knowledge-sharing partner

    • Oct 08 2021

      Reader’s Digest – 8 October 2021

      Our weekly review of articles on terrorist and violent extremist use of the internet, counterterrorism,...
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    • Oct 01 2021

      Reader’s Digest – 1 October 2021

      Reader’s Digest – 1 October 2021 Our weekly review of articles on terrorist and violent extremist use...
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    We look forward to contributing to this important session today. Our Senior OSINT Analyst @arbradley will present findings from our research into ...Sub-Saharan African terrorist groups' use of online platforms. Tune in 👇

    New episode of the DISINFORMATION WARS podcast just dropped! Tune in, and listen to my chat with @ErinSaltman of @GIFCT_official on the interplay ...between tech and terrorism.

    Be sure to sign up for the next @techvsterrorism and @GIFCT_official e-learning on 28 October, where they will discuss "Online terrorist financing: ...assessing the risks and mitigation strategies"!

    Many thanks to @NicholasRasmu15, @Deeyah_Khan, @vidhya_ra, @KacperRekawek, @Jason_Blazakis, & @Isikoff for an insightful panel discussion on "The... Evolution of Right-Wing Violent Extremism and Terrorism."

    Stream more #GSF2021 programming➡️

    Interested in learning about terrorist and violent extremist groups in Sub-Saharan Africa and how they use the Internet?

    Join us & our expert ...panel to discuss this threat and how digital platforms are responding on Oct 14 @ 4:00 p.m. BST.

    Register here:

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