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    The vision of the GIFCT is to prevent terrorists and violent extremists from exploiting digital platforms.

    The Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism brings together the technology industry, government, civil society, and academia to foster collaboration and information-sharing to counter terrorist and violent extremist activity online.

    GIFCT’s strategic planning and programming centers on three pillars:



    Equipping digital platforms and civil society groups with awareness, knowledge, and tools to develop sustainable programs to disrupt terrorist and violent extremist activity online



    Bringing together key stakeholders to mitigate the impact of a terrorist or violent extremist attack



    Supporting cutting-edge, practical research efforts at the intersection of extremism and technology

    Research and Resources from our Core Partners
    Global Network on Extremism & Technology

    Recent insights, reports, and digests from our academic research arm

    • Oct 30 2020

      Rethinking Bioterrorism Post COVID-19

      COVID-19 has demonstrated the need for greater strategic and operational integration between public health and...
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    • Sep 24 2020

      Increased Visibility of Far-Right Movements in Australia During the COVID-19 Pandemic

      Australia, once touted as a model for a considered and sustainable approach to COVID-19 is...
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    Tech against Terrorism

    Latest news from our mentorship and knowledge-sharing partner

    • Nov 25 2020

      The Online Regulation Series | Insights from Academia II

      To follow-up on our previous blogpost on academic analysis of the state of global online...
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    • Nov 23 2020

      The Online Regulation Series | Insights from Academia I

      In this post, we look at academic analysis of global efforts to regulate online content...
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    For anyone who is interested in what was found, I co-wrote this @GNET piece about the findings from the project, with my supervisor @CTProject_JW.


    How does Reddit’s unique voting algorithm facilitate extreme right-wing discourse and collective identity formation on r/The_Donald?

    Check out ...our latest, in @GNET_research Insights.

    Worth your hour, the @lawfareblog podcast featuring @GIFCT_official and the push-pull between free speech and violent extremism. @GIFCT_official ...connected to NCITE partner @ICSR_Centre.

    Today’s Arbiters of Truth Lawfare Podcast:

    @EvelynDouek and @QJurecic talk to @NicholasRasmu15 of the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism ...(@GIFCT_official), which facilitates cross-industry efforts to limit terrorist and violent extremist content.

    Take a listen to GIFCT Executive Director @NicholasRasmu15's discussion of online violent extremism, collaboration, and free speech with ...@evelyndouek and @qjurecic on the @lawfareblog, released today.

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