10 Days Left to Apply for the IAC

May 5, 2020 by GIFCT

Applications remain open until May 15 for civil society representatives interested in joining the GIFCT's Independent Advisory Committee (IAC), a key component of the GIFCT's new governance structure announced in September. The primary role of the IAC is to make recommendations and assess progress in relation to the GIFCT's mission and priorities.

More information on the IAC, along with membership criteria and Terms of Reference, can be found here. The IAC includes a minority of members from government and inter-governmental entities (already confirmed) and a majority drawn from civil society. The IAC chair will be selected from non-governmental representatives at the first meeting planned for June 24/25.

Those interested in applying to be an IAC civil society member can submit a compelling letter addressing expertise, motivation and suitability per the above to: outreach@gifct.org